18 August 2006

Polo Ralph Lauren goes immersive.

We've been talking about it for some, well ever since THAT Tom Cruise movie...yes the 2002 blockbuster Minority Report...and it seems like we were not the only ones who thought that immersive marketing was not too far away. First Eyecorp (see blog 18 March 2005, 'Minority Vision') and now Ralph Lauren.

Polo Ralph Lauren have just launched a new interactive window in their Madison Avenue shop that allows shoppers to choose and purchase an outfit projected on the shop window, even when the store is shut.

“After watching Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, I really wanted to find a way of making that amazing technology a retail reality. We are thrilled to offer such a unique and exciting way for our customers to further explore the world of Ralph Lauren; with this initiative we are reinventing the concept of shopping anytime” said David Lauren, Senior Vice President Advertising, Marketing and Corporate Communications of Polo Ralph Lauren.

It's a classic case of life imitating art.