16 August 2005

Silver is so turn of the century.

Mercedes Australia is putting paid to their own lack of diversity in car colours, particularly our love of machine age silver.

According to the latest edition of their magazine for car owners, we are going to start turning away from our obsession with turn of the century silver to reveal it’s more subtle hues - see a reversion to soft turquoise and light green-ish yellow. Even the ubiquitous colours of Calvin Klein beige and shades of brown will find their way onto our roads in the next three to five years.

According to BASF coatings, we’re “yearning for the familiar” and with that will be a range of colours associated with deep blues, green tones, creamy beige and warm reds and perhaps, even gold. BASF describes the trend as move to towards spontaneity and luxury.

If luxury car makers are acknowledging the move, then we are likely to see many of these colours begin to appear on a range of electrical and portable appliances as consumers seek more opportunities to express both their mood and their individuality.

Meanwhile New York Fashion week claims black is back. They say we’re sick of pastels, bright colours and the boho look.

But really, when was the last time you saw a brown car??

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