18 March 2005

Minority vision.


Australia's Eyecorp are trying to build new opportunities to spread advertising. Their latest foray is in shopping mall broadband streaming advertising. According to AAP, Eyecorp is set to launch Prestige Plus, a network of more than 75 individual digital display units in 17 shopping centres in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Similarly, Amsterdam's Schipol Airport has just launched the Event Screen Lounge. According to Schipol Media, the Event Screen consists of two different screens which can interact with each other, with the largest screen being 20 m2.

Along with Frankfurt Airport, Schipol is probably one of the world's most media saavy airport organisations. We're still waiting for the others to catch on!

We're evangelists here at DIFFUSION for the wired/unwired world of streaming advertising, after all we've been working in this field for sometime. See what we think about what we call, 'Immersive Marketing' at www.diffusion.com.au Press Articles.

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