13 July 2006

Tsubi begets Ksubi.

Following our 18/4/06 post 'A Fashion in Names: Tsubo vs Tsubi', the wacky boys at Tsubi have reached an out of court settlement with US shoe label Tsubo following a trademark infringement dispute.

Tsubo argued in a New York court that Tsubi's use of the first four letters of its name was a breach of its trademark, which was established in 1998 and had been registered in Australia in March 2000, two years before Tsubi.

The dispute settlement terms means Tsubi will keep its name in Australia but will now be known as Ksubi in the rest of the world.

It's an interesting result as DIFFUSION shared the view that Tsubo's case was, in part, mischievous, as both operated in very different parts of the fashion world. However, now Tsubi faces the daunting task of rebranding for the rest of the world and creating a new identity and name recognition for the new brand name, Ksubi. Let's hope they did their homework this time on the new name.


Anonymous said...

I am very discusted with the acts of tsubo as they can see that tsubi has made such a name for themselves and now having to change their name in risk of losing their customers. I write to you as I am a very big fan of Tsubi. Thankyou

Medford Torr said...

When I first read the article about Tsubi in Wallpaper, (Nov 06), I did think it was Tsubo, so perhaps It's justified that Tsubi change there name. Ksubi is close enough. What it has done is made me more aware of Tsubi (Ksubi) and there cool range of sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

DT Underwear (formerly DT Jocks) went through a similar situation with Jockey International last year. Apparently Jockey Intl own the word Jocks, who'd of thought! "Jocks" is such a commonly used word. Ksubi should pull through ok, DT underwear has and they are becoming HUGE! Karma!

About DIFFUSION. said...

Ksubi's gone all business like this week. Founders Dan Single and George Gorrow used Australian Fashion Week to announce Quicksilver Europe's Harry Hodge has made an unspecified investment in the company and taken over running their operations outside of Australia.

It is believed Hodge's aim is to do what he did for Quicksilver, creating a global fashion brand.

Ksubi founders Dan Single and George Gorrow will continue to hold a majority stake in the label.

Anonymous said...

Who cares the products are cheaply made in thailand in sweat shops and the boys are arrogant chumps!

should have just changed the name to:

Tsubid = dyslexic for stupid :)