10 October 2005

Place branding. Are they serious, Mum?

Want some elementary school kids to name your suburb? Any takers for Pokemonville? Disney? Nelly? This is what the NSW Property Council in Sydney wants to see happen following a decision of the State Government to rename an area east of the city after the popular entertainment precinct, Darling Harbour.

The Council is up in arms because they believe that branding "East Darling Harbour", a 22 hectare site in an area formerly called Millers Point, will be difficult under the proposed name.

According to one Sydney Morning Herald report, NSW Property Council executive director, Ken Morrison thinks the name will be regarded as something of a last minute tack-on; both meaningless and not memorable, just convenient for untaxed imaginations.

“East Darling Harbour sounds like its left on the edge of something else", Morrison is reported as saying and thinks elementary school kids could come up with a better name.

As we note in our 21 June blog Place branding. Not so new., both the naming and branding of distinct urban areas is something that is serious and should be performed by professionals in consultation with the local communities. And anyway, what was wrong with Millers Point?

Meanwhile, the State Government says they will listen to proposals. We think given the Minister’s reputation, nothing much will happen.

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